2014 Wednesday Night Time Trials

7.7 mile loop starting in Dover center.
[vintage photo of a time trial start] "I hate this time trial." Pam Fernandes, Paralympic Gold Medalist

"...as exciting as watching Golf, or NASCAR, or Baseball, or the first week of The Tour De France..." Satisfied Customer

Informal bicycle time trials for 2014 will be held in Dover (Massachusetts) center on April 16, May 7, June 6, July 2, August 6, and September 3 (the first Wednesday of each month, except in April).

Sign up between 6:00 and 6:25. If there is only one timer, we will take a maximum of 35 riders. You will be given a starting time and rider number. The first rider leaves at exactly 6:31. Call out your number at the finish line.

There is no club sponsorship, no entry fee and no insurance. The course is not marshalled or marked, and is open to traffic. (We will go and look for you if you don't arrive at the finish line. Please don't disappear without telling someone!)

We especially encourage "fitness" riders to participate, though racers are welcome. You are encouraged to repeat the ride and try to improve your best time. No one is too slow.

Brief course description: from the stop light in Dover center, go south on Center St., toward Medfield; after 3 miles, turn right (hard!) on Farm St.; at about 6.7 miles, turn right on Springdale Ave. and finish at the crosswalk after the food market. It's a good idea to ride the course at least once before the event. Total distance is 7.7 miles, with about 400 ft. of climbing. (Map1, Map2)

Remember the number one rule of time trialing: Keep your head up and look where you are going!

There are restrooms on the lower level of the Town House.

If you want more information contact Mark Dionne. If you would like to be added to our email list to get reminders about the event, sign up at the dover-tt Google Group. The email list is also used to announce cancellations due to bad weather or road construction. The Digest or Abridged versions are not recommended if you care about cancellation notices. The list has very low traffic.

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This is our twentieth season. Here are the results, including previous years.

Here are some photos from May and August 2007. (Thanks to Chris Woodward.)

More Photos from Dave Donato, May 2008 and June 2008.

This event is free. Tell your friends. Please consider making a contribution to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, which is important to several of our regular riders.

Karol Zielonko
Mark Dionne (617-965-5558)

[mark at mark dionne dot com]

Dover Time Trial Course elevation profile, thanks to Karol Zielonko

[elevation profile of time trial route]

Power profile for Dean Phillips's record-setting ride, September 3, 2008, where he averaged 29.40 MPH.
Watts are in yellow, MPH in blue and RPM in green. Horizontal axis shows minutes. [power profile of time trial route]